Jumat, 18 Agustus 2017

Helloo everyone,

Here I just want to share my personal experience about this Medan Trip. My goal this time to Medan is to do Lipposuction Tummy and Fatgrafting To Breast which will be done by Dr, Arthur Tjandra.

At first I was a little hesitant, because all the communication that I do only by mail, without face to face directly or via phone call. And I am a bit surprised because in this field there is a very good lipposuction and with very complete facilities. Where we can stay there with facilities such as hotels and the good thing is the doctor arthur standby himself there 24 hours because he lives in the clinic as well.

This lobby clinic and dining roomnya


I will do the Lipposuction at 25 May. My first impression about this clinic is very good, and the nurse very humble. Beside that Dr. Arthur very humble too and have a good conversation with him, about the method that he will do and about the Lippo.

 When I arrive at the clinic. i was waiting at lobby to register and about term and condition. After all registration finish, i go to my room where i will stay when i stay at medan and waiting for consultation with Dr. Arthur.

Around 1 pm I consulted with Dr. arthur. He explains in great detail the methods used and all his processes very clearly.

After finishing my consult back to my room while waiting for my lipposuction. My lipposuction was done at 3 pm and finished at approximately 06:49

After finishing this lippo i go back to my room and i dont feel the problem with my body just feel very sleepy maybe because of the anesthetic effect

During this lipposuction process I think I felt pain during the process of working about 40% more I was affected by drugs and only rarely rarely feel pain during lipposuction. And as long as I stay there every morning I am always in massage and taught her ccara massage by sister yusma.

This is my situation day 1 after the surgery.
I did not feel any pain at all and was rather surprised to see her bruises. But when I look at this photo, I am very happy because the result is very good despite the swelling.


And this photo of the second day after liposuction. Where my bruises are less faded and still swollen. On this day I did not feel any pain at all.


And the photo below I took on 09 june 2017. my bruises and swells are almost gone and the results are very visible and I am very excited and amazed at the masterpiece Dr. Arthur


Clearly good result in the breast I have seen before

Then this is photo 1 month after my lipposuction. Looks already flat my belly and began to look curve at the waist.


And the last is a photo I took on 04 August. Very amazing results


I am very satisfied with the results of Lipposuction Tummy and Fatgrafting to Breast.

Thanks a lot Dr. Arthur for your great masterpiece...

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